Top Thought Leaders in Trust:
2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

The complete list of 2020 honorees and other organizational trust resources can be accessed in the

Winter 2020 Issue of TRUST! Magazine

  • Alain Bolea (Business Advisors Network): Alain Bolea is a management advisor who helps organizations integrate the necessity of "making money" and the desire to "do the right thing" in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Jim Lukaszewski (The Lukaszewski Group): Chairman of The Lukaszewski Group, and "America's Crisis Guru" Jim is an expert in managing and counteracting tough, touchy, ethically sensitive and contentious corporate communications issues.
  • Tom Patterson (Chief Trust Officer Unisys): Tom is one of the first and longest serving Chief Trust Officers. His work at Unisys focuses on engendering trust with a global network of critical infrastructure providers including governments and companies from energy, finance, health, transportation and more.